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Icknield Council / Shuttleworth Council

Two A.M.D. Councils came together on Monday when Shuttleworth Council No. 50 (a Council repurposed to appeal to District Grand Secretaries and Past District Grand Secretaries) held its meeting in the home District of its Worshipful Master, R.W.Bro. Thomas Frederick Auber.
As well as being the Past District Grand Prefect for East Anglia (and Past District Grand Secretary), R.W.Bro. Tom is the Secretary of Icknield Council No. 209 which meets at Newmarket. So the two meetings were held back to back, with Brethren of each Council being made to feel very welcome as visitors to the other.
In attendance were the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Thomas Firth Jackson, an honorary member of Shuttleworth Council, and the District Grand Prefects for both East Anglia, R.W.Bro. Geoffrey Keer; and East Lancashire, R.W.Bro. Mervyn Wilson, representing the home District of Shuttleworth Council. Plus R.W.Bro. Joe McCollum, Dist.G.Pref. for West Midlands (and A.D.C. of Shuttleworth) and R.W.Bro. Stewart Middleton, Grand Senior Warden.
W.Bro. Dan Heath, P.G.S.D., A.G.Sec., the Director of Ceremonies of Icknield Council, had been approached by Tom Auber as W.M. of Shuttleworth, to give a talk about how District Grand Secretaries can assist Mark Masons' Hall with a smooth flow of admin related matters. This was well received by the fifty-plus Brethren in attendance and was a good way to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Council.
After Shuttleworth Council had closed, Officers were swapped and Icknield Council opened so that the W.M., W.Bro. John Jones, could admit two new Brethren into the Order, Brothers Bryan John Randall and John Rowell.
After the second meeting had closed, Brethren retired to dine and R.W.Bro. Tom Auber presented M.W.Bro. Tom Jackson with a token of thanks for making the visit.

The May meeting of Boadicea Council No. 170 (Past Masters Council) held at Bateman Street, Cambridge saw over 30 brethren witness a very enjoyable Red Cross of Babylon ceremony for eight candidates from across the District of East Anglia. The two ceremonies were excellently carried out by W.Bro. Chris Sampson and W.Bro Peter Worby. The Council also welcomed a number of brethren from the District of Essex who assisted in the ceremony. The meeting was followed by an excellent lunch.

The District Grand Prefect accompanied by the candidates for the Red Cross of Babylon and the two brethren who conducted the ceremony at Boadicea Council No. 170 at Bateman Street, Cambridge.

Constable Council No. 82 were finally able to hold their Installation meeting which had been delayed by the Covid pandemic and it's consequences. W.Bro. Frank Norman was duly Installed as Worshipful Master of the Council on the 4th May 2022 by W.Bro. Richard Strutt in a very meaningful ceremony, attended by both the District Grand Prefect and the Grand Senior Warden R.W.Bro. Stewart Middleton.
W.Bro. Frank is 91 years young and currently occupies the chair in three degrees and is looking forward to a St. Lawrence ceremony at the next Council meeting in November.

On Tuesday 25th January, Beeston Regis Council No. 139 were honoured with an official visit by the District Grand Prefect, R.W.Bro. Geoff Keer and an almost full ​complement of District Officers, further enhanced by the attendance of the Grand Senior Warden, R.W.Bro. Stewart Middleton.
The Council were further honoured when R.W.Bro. Keer assumed the chair of the Council and conducted the ceremony of St. Lawrence the Martyr for two candidates, Bro. Roy Dickinson (a personal friend of the DGP) and Bro. David Friend. A thoroughly enjoyable meeting was followed by an excellent festive board at Sheringham Masonic Hall.

The two candidates Roy Dickinson and David Friend with the District Grand Prefect.

On the 15th. December 2021 our District Grand Treasurer W.Bro. Peter Pryke presented a cheque for £500.00 to Ms. Sadie Fountain of The Cabin Crew Out of School Club, a local Registered Charity.

Icknield Council No. 209 held their Installation meeting on December 6th 2021 after it was delayed from their normal date in October when W.Bro. Dan Heath installed Bro. John Jones in the chair of the Council. The newly Installed Worshipful Master then conducted the ceremony of St. Lawrence the Martyr for Bro. David Cameron.
A very enjoyable evening for all who attended rounded off by an excellent Festive Board.

An early morning trip for breakfast at Great Yarmouth on the 21st September was the prelude to the Installation meeting of Peregrination Council, where Bro. Peter Pryke was installed as Worshipful Master in the District's morning Council. Sixteen brethren attended the meeting which also included the admission of Bro. Peter Hayward to the Order. A camaraderie and pleasure amongst the brethren was a fine testament to the Order.

On the 15th September a trip across the flat fens of Cambridgeshire was rewarded by a convivial evening in the company of Fenland Council for the Installation of Bro. Tony Barrasso by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Rodney Phillips. The small number of members was swelled by six visitors from the rest of the District. Another enjoyable meeting was rounded off by a delicious festive board.

On the 14th September Beeston Regis held the Installation meeting that had been re-scheduled from the previous week and an enjoyable evening was had by the 12 brethren who attended. W.Bro. John Coulton installed Bro. Mike Jessett into the chair in a very sincere ceremony. Whilst the Council is small in numbers it is more than made up by the spirit within the Council. Three candidates were proposed which augers well for the future. The evening was rounded off with an excellent festive board.

On the 13th September, Cyrus and Darius Council N0. 157 had the honour of being the first Council in the District to resume meetings after restriction were lifted. W.Bro. David Abbott, W.M. installed W.Bro. Simon Eden in the chair after which the R.W.Bro. Tom Auber, PastDGP carried out a ceremony of Grand Tilers of Solomon with Bro. Michael Smith as the candidate. Fifteen brethren attended an enjoyable meeting.

East Anglia Council No. 52 held their first meeting since lockdown on Friday 8th October. The Worshipful Master first carried out the ceremony of St. Lawrence the Martyr for Bro. Harilal (Subhash) Kalaria and then went on to install his successor Bro. Craig Carr as Worshipful Master. Bro. Kalaria was invested as a Steward by the new W.M. who warned him that promotion could be rapid! A splendid evening was enjoyed by all.

AMD District Meeting 2021

"Now this is the way I want to do it, (hopefully)"

L to R. - W.Bro. Colin Birkbeck, Grand Superintendent for East Anglia District 7, Knight Templar Priests.
W.Bro. John Elmore, Prov. Grand Supreme Ruler for East Anglia, O.S.M. Intendant General for the Division of East Anglia, R.C.C.
R.W.Bro. Stewart Middleton, Provincial Prior for East Anglia, Knights Templar
V.W.Bro. Bill Hagger , Prov Sub Prior for East Anglia, Knights Templar

R.W.Bro. Stewart Middleton and W.Bro. Colin Birkbeck

R.W. Bro. Geoffrey Keer - District Grand Prefect and R.W. Bro. Thomas Auber - Past District Grand Prefect

W. Bro. Keith McCully - Deputy District Grand Prefect and R.W. Bro. Geoffrey Keer - District Grand Prefect

Visiting District Grand Prefects